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At, we proudly pronounce our personal commitment to understand, meet and when possible, exceed our Customer's Requirements through the continuous improvement of our processes. We are dedicated to delivering defect-free product on-time at the most competitive cost possible.
Quality is not just another goal of; it is our basic strategy for survival and future growth. Our dedication to excellence is our prime mission. We believe in using PDCA (Plan – Do - Check - Act) cycle as the main quality tool, which enables us to furnish quality assurance to our customers.
Quality of our products is excellent as we carefully choose our fabrics, employ highly skilled labor and use advanced quality monitoring systems at each stages of manufacturing. Our designs are created from a team of professional designers, fashion advisors, size and fit specialists for fashion obsessed people like you. Our fashion label is not only appealing, catchy and trendy but also tested and assured for your size, fit and usage. is designed and crafted especially to make online apparel shopping easier and safer at the same time provide unprecedented detail of our products to customers.
We make sure that customers like you get 100% satisfaction on buying our products. Customers like you are our priceless possession. We believe in the concept of "Let the Product Speak for Itself".


  • Meeting and exceeding customer expectations;
  • Sourcing fabric & accessories of the highest quality from reliable suppliers;
  • Defined process control at each stage of manufacturing with state of the art technology;
  • Achieving zero defects from the start to end of all processes from getting the orders to delivery of the products of 99tshirts;
  • Reducing production costs through improvement in process yields as well as reduction and elimination of quality deficiencies;
  • Ensuring timely completion of the orders received, response to enquiries and resolution of problems through well defined and clearly controlled business processes.
  • Constantly upgrading our technology, capabilities and infrastructure;
  • Exploring and meeting global market opportunities ;
  • Using a reputed courier service so as to ensure a safe means of delivery of products to our esteemed customers.

Regarding the security of the website, we have taken the following steps to ensure a quality service @

  • We have integrated one of the most reputed payment gateways – CC Avenue for a safer mode of all online payment transactions.
  • has obtained the VeriSign Trust Seal which has been provided after a thorough malware scan of the website.
  • We have obtained Go’s SSL Certificate to ensure the protection of the transactions and customer data on our website.
  • has also obtained the service of Go’s Website Protection Site Scanner which identifies security issues on our website that could infect our customers and fixes them on a daily basis.

We have succeeded in winning patronage of customers, suppliers and employees with long lasting relationships.


99tshirts products quality  is really  excellent because 99tshirts have a vertical manufacturing unit from knitting, compacting, printing & stitching with no third party suppliers, so we offer knitted products in cheaper prices with Better Quality.99tshirts have been Textile manufacturing since 1968 and own a very good record of customer satisfaction.

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