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Miley Cyrus Says: I’m Not A Queen

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Pop star Miley Cyrus says that she is not a weak queen and she does not walk in the way like other child stars. Pop star images and pictures in tshirts with customization option are available at 99tshirts.com. We have products like mens customized full sleeve t-shirts, womens round neck tees, kids unisex round neck t-shirts, and many other items at one location. United States pop singer and the former child star of Disney television Miley Cyrus avoided all the suggestion that drops her clean image was a sign of going off the rails. She started her career in Walt Disney Co’s 2006 to 2011 “Hannah Montana” TV series as a high school student as well as a double life as a famous musician.

Miley Cyrus 2013

Miley Cyrus 2013

She told that her new adult music videos, tattoos and her new cropped hair do not give the meaning that she is going on the wrong path as other child stars move their way. She told that she is selling records,and that is the purpose she is there, and she does not cares if the people is not interested in her hair cut or the way she dresses. The 20 years old singer released her latest “We Can’t Stop” album and this is in the second place on the Billboard charts and she was not like other young celebrities who become infatuated with public image and self destruct under the pressure of media analysis. Pop stars images and other celebrity images are available in t-shirts with digital printing and customization platform at www.99tshirts.com To know more about our various products, bulk orders and free shipping policies click here 

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